Who's waiting??


Dec 29, 2010
So, who here has the patience to wait for one of the new tablets with Android 3.0 on it?

Personally that's just what I'm going to do. The Xoom looks nice, seems everyone has their eye on that one.

Reckon I'll just wait for Android 3.0 and the Xoom before I buy any tablet running Android.

Anyone else planning on holding off?
I'm also waiting. I've been looking at the new eLocity 10.x series tablets. Once I can i'll take a look at them and pre-order the one I want :).
I'm waiting for the Notion Ink Adam, the Eden UI looks good, and it should be using Android 3.0 when that is released.
Not waiting. Manufacturers are giving a March/April release date... I personally don't think they'll be released till June with android 3.0 as the OS hasnt even been released let alone configured, bloated with companies software, shipped, than sold. June. At the earliest, and when that comes around I'll just sell my FlyTouch II and order the Dell 10" (when it comes out)