Waiting game


Aug 8, 2010
So who here is getting pretty tired of android having to catch up?
Half the tablets I've heard or seen we're supposed to have released by now yet they get backtracked by months! Q3? Q4?! 2011 spring ?!!! I'm becoming pretty irritable waiting for months! Hats off to people like AuGen, major developers have to catch up. I guess all good things come to those who wait. And by anychance has anyone heard of te Dell Looking Glass? It's screen res is terrible for it's size, a meager smartphone 800 x 480 but it's supposed to have 4 GB of RAM! Insane! Supposed release is Q4 and it looks like the streaks big brother
its not googles fault its the companies that are building the tablets, they want to make sure they have a worthy device to launch before they send one out to us consumers, like Augen has had nothing but problems sense it came out and is now on back order its self. so no im not angry what will make me upset is when a hecca awesome tablet comes out and it sells out in the first week and then goes on back order for a month that is what will upset me
Your right there, and i don't blame google either, just people like htc, motorola, hp, samsung, neofonie, LG etc.
And for your qualm, well I guess you have to narrow down your choices and follow that tablet till launch day and if possible, preorder. Best you can do right Now :/
But it really sucks to have to wait for something to have it sell out in a day >:|
I think it is Google's fault. Android 2.2 should really have had support for higher resolution screens, and they were caught with their pants down on that one.

Now we have to wait for Q4 for anything decent.

It's pathetic that the largest screen size manufacturers are expected to work with is 854x480 for a tablet.

My 7" tablet having the same screen resolution as my 3.7" phone is really a bit of a joke when the screen surface area is 3 times comparing the tablet to the phone.
Q4 is crazy far away! But hopefully by then 3.0 will give way for higher resolution tablets ex 1240 x 720. It's dissapointing that google hasn't adjusted their software since they had months after iPads launch for even 2.2 to release. But these manufactures are snail rate slow. Plus I keep hearing of the new processors like the cortex A9 and Scorpion and they're having processor capabilities of 1.5 ghz! I would like my 3x larger tablet to atleast have .5 - 1 ghz faster processing aswell as separate GPUs to compete!
Give the market time to catch up. The "pad" market is relatively new... I would imagine in 6 months we'll have a slew of Tablets available from all the "big boys" that have much more polish/fit and finish then the current options which are mostly just chinese companies.
you trying to make me cry admin? LOL I'm not sure I can wait 6 months my need for android is growing by the day, and I blame this forum for fueling the addiction!!!
This is the future more of these devices will show up. I hope flatter and less weight to them though. Better battery life too.
With processors becoming more refined for tablet computing, multicore processors like the upcoming Tegra 2 T20 will be far superior to it's single core brethern yet will consume less battery power! Astonishing at how quickly the market will change in a matter of months
Hey don't look down on the Chinese companies. Makes me sad :(

They are trying.

You have to bear in mind that they are tending to the Chinese market. Even the iPhone clones sell extremely well in China. Tablets are doing extremely well over there.
Tablets will do extremely well everywhere if they have good features and not garbage mobile versions of their desktop class family (cough windows tablets cough). That was the case in the past, they were small with terrible performance specs and just a tease basically of their bigger PC brothers. Now (sadly) with the iPad things changed, bigger screen better performance and brings blood into the dying market. Now we have tablets running desktop class windows 7 giving people their lives to go but not hampering th experience. Android is a game changer and it will be for tablets too, as soon as major developers see how much people want them from sales of the iPad and the AuGen or the APAD. Tablets are amazing, their that kid in the middle, or they used to be, not quite as mobile as phones, and not quite as powerful as PCs. Now their a class of their own. Woo