Why it may be a Bad Idea to Jump onto Motorola Xoom Bandwagon


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Jul 9, 2010

A comment posted on an official Motorola Atrix Youtube video, and later censored by Motorola staff, highlights one of the major concerns of purchasing future upcoming Motorola Android products.

Reported by AndroidCentral, Motorola responded to an inquiry about the possibilities of a locked bootloader in the upcoming Motorola Atrix with the following:

@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we'll continue with our strategy that is working thanks.

Motorola has not had a good history of releasing development friendly devices beyond the Motorola Droid on Verizon. Even the international versions of the phone (Milestone) were severely locked down. It is clear that their current strategy is to lockdown and prevent what they consider to be undesired end-user modifications. It is not fair to expect Motorola to make any exceptions for the retail Motorola Xoom either.

The Xoom is certainly not going to be the only Tegra 2 tablet out there with Google support. But if the industry expects this to beat its rivals with a policy like this, it certainly isn't a very convincing stance to take.
There is already a company that has draconian practices when it comes to tablets, and I think Apple has that market all wrapped up :)

I just hope Motorola doesn't go down that road, just like I wished Sony wouldn't of gone down that road with the PS3. *sigh*
as someone who bought his X before finding out about the locked bootloader and kernel, i can attest to how frustrating it is not being able to 100% hack an expensive piece of equipment that i own. if i want to break it horribly by replacing bits of the OS and boot code i shouldn't, that's my choice. i'm an adult and am fully aware of the consequences. device lockdown sucks, and if the bionic and xoom are locked like the rest, i may move to samsung or htc for my next high end toy.

my kyros, OTOH, is a great toy and is providing me a lot of enjoyment. :)
I wouldn't be surprised to see this model implemented on all future Motorola devices, especially the Verizon offerings. If we want to continue to mod our units, except exorbitant price models. Personally, here's my take... if I but a Ford Mustang, Ford doesn't repo the car, just because I put a new engine in it! The same should apply to mobile devices. If I spend $200+ on a tablet or phone... it's MINE! I should be able to do what I want with it, without fear of the manufacturer or service provider locking my device. This is exactly why I've kept my Droid... I can do whatever I want with it, and don't have any of the issues that come with the DX or other units. I'd like to get the Droid Bionic this summer, but won't if it can't be hacked.

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But the iPad2 or higher might one day might just have that MicroSDXC slot. As 64GB version with 64GB SDXC would be the way to go with that model. The rest of the Android and Windows Tablets need to follow. 32GB can only hold so much data before that fills up. I still like what OpenPeak as to offer. Though I know their relationship with AT&T makes me wonder if it's going to be a tablet or just another device for AT&T to market and sell? That DELL Duo tablet Hybrid being peddled by DELL has some issues already being that the graphics can't really handle too much complex FPS and drops because of the CPU N550 Dual Core 1.50GHz can't keep up with the extra data on the screen. Thus you have a sluggish performance. Shame. But when compared to AMD Brazos C-50s Dual Core 1GHz there is no issue with CPU reaching never peaking at 100% like the N550 does. Back to the drawing board for DELL.
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