WiFi + Bluetooth = Trouble?


Dec 1, 2010
Hi All & Happy Holidays,

I've been seeing a few random reports of an issue with the S7 when Bluetooth and WiFi are on at the same time. Some are saying there's interference with WiFi and connecting if Bluetooth is on at the same time.

Can anyone with an S7 post if there is any interference when Bluetooth and WiFi are on at the same time?

TIA :)
My wifi are in all the time and with bluetoothbon connected with Jabra stereo headset, no errors

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this is an erroneous report, i saw it too a couple of weeks ago, but nothing following up on any of the other boards or here. I have been running both for 6 weeks with no issue.
Thanks so much guys. Glad those reports about WiFi + BT interference aren't substantiated. I was scared for a minute, lol. :)