Will the Notion Ink Adam tablet have access to the marketplace?


Aug 7, 2010
Just wondering. I know that it will have it's own appstore but does anyone know if it will have access out of the box to the official marketplace?

I do hope it does, looking through all the current specs for the tablets how can so many not get the specs right for a decent tablet.
It should have the lot that a smart phone does ! but most seem to have some deficiencies, resistive screen, no gps, no compass, no bluetooth, no 3g, no camera, decent battery life.

How are you expected to get the best from the device when its limited... It seems that the Notion Ink Adam has all the specs needed and more.
From what I been reading ...The answer is YES it will have access to the market....
If anyone thinks this won't have access to the marketplace after all of the posturing, bloviating, grandstanding etc. you're nuts.

They need to stop talking about what they're doing and just do something.
I was wondering too and hoping it had the Marketplace. I'm still undecided on which tablet I want but I am not familiar with this company. I was looking at the Archos but now I am interested in this cause of the specs and already having Marketplace would be a plus.
I do not think they will get marketplace even with Honeycomb with the way they are now
I appreciate the info on the notionink tablet. Please, in the future to those of you who post, use proper English! It really takes away from your knowledge, it's like reading my 1st graders English paper. (not understandable) Thank you.
From what i have both read and seen during the tests they are not granting access to the Android market, this will be because of the huge amount of apps still not yet configured for tablet use or to hinder the hacking of the device using speciality apps. Though i would give it two weeks before it is hacked into granting full Gaps and market access by the guys over at XDA Dev.

On a side note does anyone know when the next batch of devices (preferably the PQ screen) will be available for pre/order? i missed out when i travelled to Tokyo and really want one :p