Wireless Router GPS Location


Aug 5, 2011
Here's a weird one. Yesterday replaced my home wifi with a Netgear WGR614v10, which I had first bought and set up a few months ago in NYC (live in North Carolina) Now my Acer A500, through the router, thinks its in NY, rather than NC.

Have kivked up the acer's quirky GPS, and it read its correct location for a moment. However it shortly defaulted to the router's mistaken NY coords .

None of my PCs seem to run anything that pulls the location off the router. On Acer, it fails Google maps, gasbuddy, yelp, foursquare, really anything that pulls location.

I had thought the netgear had a reset option, but couldn't fine it. Did a complete setup on my home ISP, but still did not find new location. Have recycled the DSL too, and no effect. Even looked for a netgear location setting but found none.

Am surprised, I never thought a location was stored on a router, that it would only ever glean its location dynamically off the ISP. Apperantly not.

Any suggestions?

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