Coby MID-1125-4G Review

does the coby support website dont have a manual to download?

edit: to answer the question they dont have :(
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Thanks mharckk . I was curious as I saw "Philippines" listed in your ID. I use my tablets on long Canada to Manila, Philippines flights - why I studied the batteries in depth (as you know a very long air-flight). I'll be there soon once again, Chow King/Jollybee here I come lol. Great to see interest in this product coming from the Philippines.

I'll be posting some items I've figured out (like simple-to-do Bluetooth for the COBY option) but it will have to wait until I'm back from the Philippines as my place doesn't have net access. In fact my projector running from my tablets is for family nights there - the tablet is running movies for the family to a 300" screen (about 2 stories tall, lol, actually the back fence but it's painted white).

I have a question. Has anybody figured out how to play Real Player streaming videos on Coby Kyros MID1125?
I use a website called which streams live TV programs from Czech Republic.
It doesn't work on Coby with Real Player beta. The error says "Cannot play this audio file"...
Please help me out...

Sorry I was out on business in Asia for a month just got back. I use streaming and it works well but I have not used that site nor Real Player. If it doesn't require a subscription and such I'll give it a try.


I get about 7 - 10 hours mixed use on my 5/9/12VDC Li-Ion Battery. Now I do not recommend this but I use my 2 A, 12VDC Li-Ion charger at first then goto the 350 mA Li-Ion charger (my particular kind allows for 2A, 12 VDC max. input (charge). So ask the manufacturer and/or check the instructions. I have a second battery coming so I'll use one as the other charges. Last day I ran 9.5 hours mixed use off the external battery) WiFi on the whole time, listening to shows and occasional browsing and the internal battery was still at 100%. So it is possible to get (9+4) 13 hours or so off one external battery and a fully charged internal, less, if it is video intensive. That is about what you'd get off a new Acer A510 or Asus PAD 300. I'm trying to increase run-times by lowering the CPU speed during low-load times (I'm monitoring the CPU frequency during various loads). I have velcro strips to attach it to the back or front of the stand I use.

I may test some LiFePo4 batteries in the future. They are MUCH safer then the types used in most electronic devices like cell phones, the energy density is a bit less but they are good for up to 2,000 charge cycles or about 6 years of daily charges (most Li-Ion are good for about 600 or roughly 2-years of daily charges).

I will be testing a Bluetooth transmitter adapter which uses the 3.5mm jack. This way I can use my Bluetooth speakers and headsets with the MID-1125. I'll update here once I run tests. According to the specifications I should be able to run about 4-hours on a full charge so I bought two as I need a good 8-hours run-time. A Bluetooth receiver adapter is also available for the receiving side such as a non-Bluetooth stereo unit or non-Bluetooth enabled headphones - I'll be testing this as well.

I was able to (finally) use Yahoo Messenger video and IM successfully. Not sure about the latest version of Skype, I may test it later. The mic is a bit weak, picture is so-so (compared to my A60 (A500) and PC) but it gets the job done. So if you need to video-conference give Yahoo a try.

Trying a new USB-Hard Drive solution, will update if it works. The tablet remains an excellent business/personal tool - being able to use my USB portable drives like on my A60 (A500) would be a major plus for movies on the go.

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Update 5/8/12:

The Bluetooth TRANSMITTER (male) for the 3.5 mm stereo-jack works great. The 3.5mm male jack moves about 90 degrees so you can rotate it to fit and for the best signal. I use a battery and USB keyboard at the same time so I have it facing towards me. I can now "Bluetooth" to my Bluetooth Stereo headset or my Bluetooth Stereo speakers which I normally use with my Gateway TPA60 (A500) or PC. Sound is great, recharging takes about 1.5 - 2 hours if it's completely recharged and run-time is about 4 hours. Get two (they are cheap) if you require longer run-times - you can listen using to one while the other recharges.Range is about 30 feet.

* It does NOT do data so no sharing files like photos via the Bluetooth. It's for sound and music ONLY. Handy listening to (say) a financial podcast or music. It does not do "chat" functions (it will on a PC).
* I often listen to business shows using "TuneIn Radio" which is excellent. If I stream from my Seagate GOFLEX Home, Iomega or PC via "UPnPlay" to "MX Player Pro" or "Vplayer" it works equally well. I often save programs to the SD card and listen later using "PowerAMP". All are excellent programs both for personal use and business use.
* Handy if you're taking your COBY on a bus, jet or other. "Bluetooth" to a headphone, sound-isolating ear-buds or noise-cancelling headphones. Use the 5V/9V/12V Li-Ion battery pack to recharge the transmitter.
* Recharges via USB port, adapter or battery. The device end looks proprietary, will update.
** Since it's a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, you can use this with other devices like mp3 players, stereo/radio output and so forth. It's really a multi-use device which brings Bluetooth to non-Bluetooth enabled devices.


* I will list a few items to use this with next time & covering "pairing". I may also cover how to RC (fly) a model (real, NOT a simulation) helicopter using the 3.5mm jack from your COBY.

There is also a Bluetooth RECEIVER unit (female) for connecting to items using a 3.5 mm jack. I'm testing it now - it allows the Bluetooth signal to be transmitted to older earphones, speakers, AUX inputs (stereo, "boombox"..) and so forth. Very handy if you want to use good legacy equipment. Recharge-time is about 2 hours (max), I SUSPECT the runtime is closer to 8-hours as it's not a (power-hungry)transmitter - I'll know more once I run it through a few cycles.

So don't toss out older equipment like speakers just 'cause they are not Bluetooth capable - save the $$ and practice the 3-Rs.


"K9 Mail" is a great open-source mail application. Works fine with gmail, hotmail and others (working on yahoo). You can now have all your mail accounts into one area (and individual). Many sort functions as well. More one this later as I want more time with it before commenting too much.

"Brother iPrint&Scan" works fine on the COBY MID1125-4G as well as my Gateway A60 (Acer A500). I'm using a "Brother MFC-J430W multifunction inkjet" which are about $50 on sale. Ink can be found cheaply on ebay and make sure to read the "tricks" elsewhere for longer ink life. Prints are done via the applet which allows:

a. Scan TO the tablet (or PC..)
b. Print PDF
c. PhotoPrint
d. Print web page

With "d" I copy the browser page with the "copy" function from the address bar (I usually use Opera). Then I paste it into the address bar of "iPrint&Scan", "Print Preview" and Print. It will not print directly from an application so make sure that is acceptable for you before purchasing. You can get the application and try it out (sans actual printing&scanning) without the printer just to get an idea - its in Google Market and other sites. Works great for Droids, PCs and other devices.

The print/scans are done via the WiFi. The printer works via wireless links although it does have a USB port as well. Also it has a built in fax which requires a land-line.

* If you plan to buy a printer make sure you can use Droids with it and that you can get and run the application before purchasing. Also if it has a scanner funtion make sure you an scan TO your tablet as well as PC.

"gReader PRO" is amazingly good for RSS feeds. I follow many financial and science feeds and this allows the feeds to be consolidated into one area. Basically it does for the sites I read regularly what "K9 Mail" does for my mail - put it into one place to save time and effort.

"Astro File Manager" also works very well for basic file management. Handy utilities included - my favorite lists the breakdown of the SD memory. As the COBY has only 4GB good to locate items to move to the external microSD card. From the many versions I have tried it has the easiest to use layouts.

I'm testing the SMB (network) and handy Bluetooth options right now & might report more later.

With my 5V/9V/12V Li-Ion batteries I am averaging 6-9 hours run-time before it gets to 20% and the battery goes into a protection mode. I have 4 batteries (also can charge USB and run 9V items at the same time) so I just swap another in. I tend to run weeks off of batteries without ever plugging the tablet into the AC adapter (which is gathering dust)
* The included USB cable just happens to connect to the COBY MID1125-4G just fine! It is not fused.
* Unlike a USB on a PC which handles 500mAh or 1,000mAh this handles 15,000 mAh far more then the 3,000 mAh the COBY requires. So you can recharge the tablet, run the USB port and run "full-tilt".

(NOT recommended-->)-I plug it into my 2A(12V) Li-Ion battery charger until the cycle is done (about 2 hours) then finish it with 6 or so hours with the included 360mA@12VDC output transformer. I keep it in my cast iron pan when recharging. So a full cycle to charge is about 8-hours rather than 18-24 hours. The maximum battery max. INPUT I got from the spec sheet - ask the reseller or check the specifications as units are different. You do NOT want to blow a Li-Ion battery.
* I have a roll-able 5050 LED strip, cool white (like the sun) and two-12" LEDs I attach along with a light dimmer. So when I am running the tablet with the battery I also can run some lights. VERY Eco-freindly as I can light my living room with about 1 - 4 watts.

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Update: 6-28-12

A handy program for the MID-11254G is IP CAM View PRO. I've been using it with two different EasyN cameras.

The first camera was about $50 and the second, an 'upscale' UPnPlay (streaming) model with a microSD card slot (and better picture quality). Handy as I now use the MID-1125 to pan, tilt, setup and record (photos and/or movies) from my various security cameras/devices. I'm setting it up so I can WAN to my camera on-the-road and/or use it for security where-ever I go (say the hotel room). I'm using this with a variety of other hidden security items - with the various non-WiFi security devices I use the USB port and a microSD to USB adapter to view the photos/videos (all motion triggered).

Basically you can use your MID-1125 as a DVR for those cameras which do not have a microSD/SD/TIF card slot. As my MID-1125 is my workhorse and connected to my Li-Ion battery packs I can run it all day and night. I use the same battery packs (only connected to the 5VDC rather than 12VDC) to run the cameras - a smaller 5V/9V/12V Li-Ion pack will run the camera over 12 hours. I put it in a water-tight glass container for outside use (not in the direct sun due to heat) - as long as it's within WiFi distance it works great (I switch to my larger WiFi antennae (it just screws out) and my 1 watt router (if required). Larger batteries will (of course) run longer.
* Make sure to set the sound recorder to work with the EXTERNAL TIF (microSD) card - you'll have to manually enter the path in. The "/mnt/sdcard.." refers to the INTERNAL 4GB memory and NOT the microSD card or USB thumbdrive.
* I will be testing a SDXC 64 GB microSD shortly.

Using Astro File PRO I made a directory in /mnt/sdcard/tflash named ipcam. Thus, in the record area hit "menu" I use the file path /mnt/sdcard/tflash/ipcam . I tested it and it works. I increased the file space to 1 GB, set the camera to take pictures (highest quality) every 2 seconds. Once the 1GB is full it simply recycles. You can set the camera to auto-pan if desired. So the MID-1125 is quite handy for home and business security applications as well. I added the IP Camera PRO to "Yummy Bar" - an application I've covered before.

Speaking of the battery packs, I modified an older T-12 4' fluorescent fixture using two 40-watt 'daylight bulbs' (total 80 watts not including the transformer) to run 30-watt LEDs (direct 12VDC). I can run about 8 hours on the 5V/9V/12VDC battery. Not bad. I found about 30-watts of 5050, 60-LED/meter LED strip (cool) is about the same lumens (light output) as the 80-watts (plus transformer) fluorescent fixture. Unlike fluorescent lights it doesn't have issues with IR (cataracts), Morgellans, UV, mercury, EMF (if run on DC) nor does the frequency profile match that of mercury.

A trick, btw, with the Bluetooth receiver and transmitters is to run them (if required for long duration) off a CCTV Li-Ion battery. Handy if I'm watching (say) 2 or more movies or need very long duration run-times. Simply turn each battery on (one connected to the receiver the other the transmitter), then turn on the transmitter/receiver to sync up. I have no idea how long it will run this way - I would imagine days maybe weeks. As I can run the MID-1125 as a server/host in UPnPlay (streaming) it's quite handy as a media server/player. For example, I can stream a baseball or boxing match from the MID-1125 to the 300 inch projector and use the Bluetooth to send the sound to the stereo sans cables (many newer stereo (digital surround sound..) have Bluetooth receivers built in in which case only the Bluetooth transmitter & ONE external battery would be required).
* Crunchyroll is a "must" for into Japanese anime as is Mobimanga for those into Japanese manga. With crunchyroll I can stream to the tablet's display and optionally via the HDMI to my 300" projector or computer monitor.

Testing "Undelete" , so far, works quite well for those times when you accidentally erase file(s). Takes time but get done - requires the MID to be rooted.

Also playing some new games - Defense Zone HD is quite good as is Myth Defense. I prefer DZ - really good action. More on games at another time.

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Good review. I use a 1126 in a similar manner as my low cost mobile tablet instead of taking my A500 everywhere. My experiences have been similar and while the HDMI output works well for onboard video files (MX Video playing .mpg files) Netflix (1.7 or 1.8.1) doesn't stream video.

There was an ICS 4.0.3 upgrade for the 1125 and 1126 models (as well as the 7022, 7127 and 8127) at the German Coby website ( ) but it looks like support may have been dropped. I upgraded my 1126 to ICS 4.0.3 and have been generally happy with the tablet. Using patches have synced to my [email protected] email account with Android Market and Google maps running. However, at this time Google Earth, Google Play Store, Chrome Browser and Netflix still aren't running. Google market actually links me to the Play Store and the satellite view of maps is the same as Google earth so this ins't a big deal.

If ICS support of these earlier tablets is dropped I may just use the 1126 for as long as it lasts, then look for another cheap tablet, maybe a Coby 9742.
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Thanks. I left my MID 1125-4G as the stock Gingerbread for now but I do use a 3D launcher (SPB Shell 3D) which is great.

My plans are simply - in 2013 3 new Tegras will be released. They have much upgraded processors including some really kick-butt GPUs (up to 12 cores in the GPU) for graphics. The current Acer A700 is a bit slow in the 1080p on-screen HD - the processor is only about 3 times the A500's Tegra 2. By 2014 (it takes about 6 months to get into the tablets) the Tegras will be up to 50 times the A500's speed. More than enough for HD output (I use my tablets as media servers too) and anything else I could through at them.

So I'll use the current tablets until then - 3 years more then pays them off. IMO, both tablets have already paid for themselves many times over already (example - I use the A500 to access my cars computers for pollution control, "check-engine" codes, engine stats and the rest).

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(example - I use the A500 to access my cars computers for pollution control, "check-engine" codes, engine stats and the rest).

Interesting, which software and hardware do you use to access the OBD-II port ?? I assume you have a USB to OBD-II cable ? I've done this with a WinXP/Win7 based laptop, but not an Android based device. Thanks for posting this.
Download "Torque", it is $ 4.99 from the Google Play store (don't forget the free add-ons too). Then get a ODB-II reader - I use a Bluetooth (Elm 327) which you can buy on eBay for about $12.00 including shipping. The USB units can work faster and do cost more - but I get close to real-time via my cheap Bluetooth. Just make sure your car is one of the list - a few (ie: non-gas engines) are not. Does everything and more than those $ 499 units -- for about $ 20. Just plug the adapter into the port, start up Torgue (or have it running), and access the features you require. The "record" functions are there in the options of screen such s real-time.

Aside from getting/looking-up/resetting fault codes you can record and view SEVERAL custom real-time screens (many types of gauges/sizes, tons of data, 'drag-and-drop' screen designs..). My favorite is the "track-recorder" - I use my case (attach to the top of te seat so the 5MP rear-camera faces forward) and video record the entire trip along with GPS info and *ALL* of the stats from the various computers in the car (body, emissions..). When I play the trip back view data I can configure the overlay gugaes (say O2 levels at the catalytic banks or voltage levels at the diagnostic port..), and watch them as the video plays with a GPS overlay - so cool. Great if your into 1/4 miles times, 0-60, HP and so on.

Just using this to clear fault codes before an emissions test can save you allot of $$.

"Torque" will run on the COBY MID-1125-4G as well but I never tested the USB and since there is no GPS I didn't bother to work on it.

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UPDATE: 9-11-12

NOTE1: I still use my COBY MID-1125 a-lot, but with my Gateway A60 (Acer A500 repackaged) and an Acer A700, it's running routine tasks now like recording my CCTV cameras. I won't get to update this site as often as I switch focus to the Acer A700 tablet which will now be my primary tablet.

NOTE2: When I refer to a CCTV battery I am refering to this: New Black 5V 9V 12V 3 in 1 DC Rechargeable Li-ion Battery For CCTV CAM Camera ep | eBay ... I use them to run everything from my COBY to speakers, other tablets, Bluetooth transmitters/receivers and CCTV cameras and more.

NOTE3: There are two parts to Blueooth. The first is the class and the second, the version (which I won't get into right now). In the following Bluetooth class II devices are standard - that is to say - they have a range of about 10m or 30'. I find the Blueooth transmitters weaker then the ones built into my other tablets like the Acer A700 - so range will be a bit less. Still, 10 - 30 ' is enough to get some work done while listening. Class III device have an operating distance of about 1 meter (3'), class II - 10 meters (30') and class I - 100 meters or about 300'.


As mentioned in an earlier post you can easily add audio Bluetooth to your COBY MID 1125 (or ANYTHING with a 3.5mm jack such as a MP3 player...). While you won't have quite the same capabilities such as controlling your tracks or taking a Skype call (it's *AUDIO ONLY*) for most that's enough. No drivers are required.

Keep in mind there are two parts - the first is the Bluetooth TRANSMITTER which sends the audio to either another Bluetooth enabled device (speakers, headphones..) or one which is using a Bluetooth RECEIVER. While you're going to need the Bluetooth transmitter you'll only need to buy the Bluetooth receiver IF you need to output to any equipment withOUT Bluetooth capability already built-in - say stereo, noise cancelling headphones, ear-plugs and so on. Prices start around $20 including shipping.


What you'll need is a Bluetooth dongle, eBay has many for sale as do other places.

I have several types different types of Bluetooth transmitters:

a. The first is a rigid plastic Bluetooth adapter. It's great in form factor (fits really nice to the side with my keyboard case) *BUT* I had two fail in just a few days use. So I'd avoid these if I were you. Performance (sound) was good while it worked, battery life average (about 4 - 5 hours) and charging time was average (about 2 hours). It required a special jack so you can't use a micro/mini-USB to charge it up.

Example (not where I bought it): Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP 3.5mm Stereo Audio HiFi Dongle Adapter Jack Transmitter | eBay

b. Aside from the 3.5mm lead (I use tape to 'stick it' to my COBY MID-1125, PC, MP3 player) the performance is about the same as the preceding adapter. That is to say 4 - 5 hours actual use, 2 hours charge time and 70-hour stand-by run times. It used a micro-USB to charge it - very handy. REALLY HANDY (TIP) - you can charge and use at the same time. I hook it to my CCTV battery if I'm watching (say) 12+ hours of movies - run-time isn't an issue then! The front button and light are easy to use and visible. You can get them for about $13 and up, shipping included - the cheapest!

Example: New Wireless Bluetooth A2DP 3.5mm Stereo HiFi Audio Dongle Adapter Transmitter | eBay

c. Basically the same as the above (b.) but a bit larger, more expensive ($ 22 and up), and with a detachable 3.5" lead. The same battery extension trick works, performance is on par with a. ad b., and run-times and charge rimes are the same (4-5 hours/2hours). More durable in my opinion, like b., I've had "0" failures. Prices start at around $25.00.

NOTE: There is a version with *NO* built-in Li-Ion battery - I have one as I use it with my CCTV battery so I can run it a few days without a recharge. Handy as the internal battery is most likely the failure point. So read the specifications CAREFULLY.

Example: New Wireless USB Bluetooth 3.5mm A2DP Stereo Audio Dongle Transmitter for Phones | eBay

d. This one is my favorite. Its more expensive at $32 and up, but the run-time is 10-12 hours!!, recharge times remains the same at 2 hours. Although the charge cable attached to a USB port, the end is a special type. It's a classy gloss black look, thin and good-looking. The lights are a bit smaller than b. but it's easy to use, especially with 'pairing'. The price isn't bad considering it runs twice as long as the others - very handy if you're on a jet, in transit, or unable to recharge for quite some time. I've had "0" failures with this unit. If you can only get one this is it!

Example: Bluetooth Stereo Audio Transmitter for 3.5mm audio devices for iPod,MP3,MP4,TV.. | eBay

PAIRING for these devices is usually quite easy. Just press the power button until the LED turns on then begins to rapidly flash. Do the same with the Blueooth receiver or Blueooth enabled device. Once paired the re-conneciton is automatic. Couldn't get easy, and NO drivers are required. Of course, make sure to plug it into the COBY MID-1125 stereo jack *AND* turn the volume one notch from full. For best sound I suggest using the EQUALIZER application or a good player like PowerAMP - more on these in the next post.


Devices you can transmit sound to include (but are NOT limited too):

a. Bluetooth Receiver - The main advantage of a Blueooth receiver is simply that you can adapt devices which do not have Bluetooth (ie: older stereos, ear-buds, headphones..) to use it. As the Bluetooth transmitter and receiver looks very similar be careful when ordering to get the right one - you might want to label each unit to make it easier.

Basically you turn on the transmitter (which is the source as its SENDS/BROADCASTS the signal) and hold the button (if it's the first time being used) until the LED flashes rapidly to enter the "pairing mode" to enter "pairing mode", turn on the Bluetooth receiver and (if its the first time being used) hold the button until the LED rapidly flashes to enter the pairing mode. After a few minutes they will "sync", and the LEDs will flash slower. Normally in the "pairing mode" its a rapid "red-blue" alternating flash and in the operating mode its a sow "blue-only" LED flash.

Once it's paired the units will "remember" (usually they can hold 5 or so devices internally, some up to 10) in which case they "sync-up" (par) automatically when turned on - no need to use the "pairing mode". Just check the specifications BEFORE ordering and check the manual.

Also check eBay, The Source and other places for any parts (adapter, wires..) you may require. For example, I use Bluetooth to my stereo when streaming movies, shows and anime.. I use a Bluetooth receiver at my stereo connected to an AUX port. The AUX port uses RCA jacks so I had to get a few connectors to get it into a 3.5mm, stereo, male on one end and an RCA-male jack on the other. Generally RCA jacks will require some cables or adapters (check what came with your stereo for spare parts) while devices using 3.5mm "headphone" jacks can be used directly.
** Check the specifications - you want untis with a 3.5mm female jack and a built-in Li-Ion battery and NOT units intended to be powered from a USB port or for a Apple IPod bottom connector. If it's ebay, also be careful shipping costs and so forth. Many good deals but also some scam artists.

Most (older) stereos have 1 or more RCA jacks (some might be "dedicated" to a CD/DVD payer, phono (yup, real old units) and some AUX jacks in addition to other connectors such as HDMI, optical and so forth. It's great if you want to use legacy equipment (newer tuners often have it built in as well as USB and HDMI ports..) so you can stream from (say) TuneIn Radio Pro or a good player like PowerAMP.

As the performance specifications and manufacturers are the same/similar to the Bluetooth transmitters, I'll just list one as an example. Notice the 3.5mm FEMALE jack on the receiver - otherwise it looks just like the transmitter! You might want to label the units to avoid confusion. Also the CCTV battery trick works on some models. Basically if it worked on manufacture "X" Bluetooth transmitter it will work on manufacture "X"'s Bluetooth receiver unit.

Example: New 3.5mm Stereo Audio Bluetooth Adapter Receiver Dongle Mobile iPod Transmitter | eBay

b. Mini-Speaker

Very small, sound is not bad but bass-poor (use the equalizer in PowerAMP or other to boast the bass) and it's not too loud. Still if you don't want to wear headphones or ear plugs and your away from a plug, it's not bad. Run time is about 5-hours, recharge time is about 2 hours. Prices start at around $15 including shipping and it can run via the USB connection. You can use the same trick as with some of the Bluetooth transmitters/receivers - I ue my CCTV batteries if I want to run it many hours o even days without a recharge. This speaker is NOT well suited for bass-heavy items like Hip-Hop, nor, is it suitable for large or loud environments. Still, better then the COBY built-in speakers and super portable!

You can use it with a a cell phone or Bluetooth enabled (built-in) PC or tablet to handl voice calls - say Skype,. Handy.

NOTE: There is a 3.5 mm AUX jack but I find its way louder using the Bluetooth (especially as the COBY 3.5mm jack isn't all that powerful). So don't run it from the AUX jack!

Example: Bluetooth Portable Music Stereo Audio Speaker for Phone MP3 MP4 PC | eBay

c. Logitech Boombox is really, really good for portable music with good bass, and very good mid-range to upper range. I use it a-lot when listing to (say) Tune-In Pro or PowerAMP - I love New Age music so I prefer good tonal qualities. Run-time is about 5- 10 hours depending upon volume, recharge time about 2+hours and YES, you CAN use the CCTV camera trick to run all day and night. Unlike the 5V for the USB jacks, this one is 12V so check the specifications, polarity BEFORE doing this.

Cost is WAY higher, about $125 and up - you can go to Bestbuy to try it out in person. This units competes with other ever higher priced units quite well. Make sure to get the Bluetooth version, not the iPAD version. It weighs more than b. and is more bulky BUT should still fit into (say) carry on luggage or a backpack. Give different versions a try - for example, for hip hop some people prefer the "SuperTooth Disco" which has better bass and costs about the same.

While it won't replace a good stereo unit and some decent speakers it's pretty good sound for on the go or in space limited areas like a dorm room.

NOTE: When not running on AC the bass really drops off. The speaker drops from 30-watts to about 10-watts to conserve battery life. I use my CCTV battery pack to run it full-volume, full bass for extended periods off the grid.

Example: Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Boombox for iPad, iPhone & Ipod Touch 984-000181 NEW | eBay , Portable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker For Samsung Focus Flash | eBay

d. "Nokia" (clone) Stereo Headphones, are cheap starting at $15 and sound pretty good. While it will run (music) only about 5 hours until it requires a 2-3 hour charge they are cheap enough to have 2 or 3 kicking around. It requires an AC plug (special adapter) so you can't charge on the go with a USB. Also 2 or 3 my units have charge pins that are 'tricky' - got to just barley put it in, twit, until the charge light comes on and then ever-s-gently put it down. Not an issue for me, but for some without patience, a PIA. You can pair it with a cell or fully Bluetooth enabled tablet to PC to use with voice calls, Skype, as well as skip tracks and the usual. With the COBY solution, JUST the volume, pairing, and power will work (which is all most will ever require). As my jet rides are about 23-hours, I usually fully charge 3 and take 'em with me (although I'm switching to noise cancelling now). This is what I'm listening with right now as I type this. They are not well suited for noise environments - subways, jets and so on so take this into consideration.

An example of how I use them - I use the HDMI connection to output "Crunchyroll" to my Epson EX5200 travel projector so I can enjoy Japanese Anime on a 300" screen, err, wall. I use the Bluetooth transmitter to send the sound to these type headphones as I watch, else, to the Bluetooth receiver dongle on the stereo if my wife isn't around (she hates anime). Tablets are VERY powerful!

Example: Bh503 Bh-503 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Headphone Earphone for Nokia New | eBay

e. Noise cancelling (ok, it's no BOSE Qc-3 or SENNHEISER, that's for sure!) and still cheap at around $30 you might consider this (see link below) for SLIGHTLY noisier areas. Run time is better, about 10-hours or more for music, 20 for talk, and 400 hours stand by. They are noise cancelling but don't expect too much. Warmer to wear then d., but not bad, but I don't find the sound quality as good as d. - more "tinny" with less bass no matter how I adjust the equalizer. I find putting the "bass booster" to 100% helps - but sound is not as full as others. Still, for many, might be good enough.

They are also VERY light! It uses a USB 5V so you can charge it on the go, takes aout 3 to 4 hours for a full charge. Sound is "ok" for a cheap headphone - I'll test this on the jet next time. For myself a good alternative as I don't want to worry about lugging a $300+ of premium headphones around - if I loose these at $30, big deal ... loose my BOSE and it really *IS* a big-deal! Then again Bluetooth is going to slip some of the sound so you'd likley be hard wired for best sound, and likely, running better hardware too.

Example: Noise Cancelling Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset for PDA Tablet PC PC laptop | eBay

** Again you can use a Bluetooth receiver to use older or non-Bluetooth enabled ear buds, headphones and so on. For example, my Philips mp3 player has some pretty good "noise-isolation" ear-buds which sound much better. Or I might use my SONY or other full size headphones with really good sound quality. So if you got some really good equipment you might prefer those! Why waste -practice the 3Rs - reuse your other equipment if you can.

** These are just a few examples - of course, there are MANY to choose from. I just wanted to give everyone an idea on some low priced solutions which may work for their application.

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Update 9-14-12
* In the works so refresh the page from time to time, as I'm not done yet!

A few quick notes which may be of help to some. I'm using the "old" Google Market on my COBY and the stock Gingerbread 2.3.3. O/S. So as many know, the place where the COBY "falls flat" is that of memory management - I have found to keep memory in "Settings -> Manage Application" to 30 MB and above (free memory) so everything works great. Below 26 MB or so, things start to "bog down" and some application updates may not install properly. So that means removing applications you don't need that often AND "Move to SD" as much as possible (you can "sort by size" in the Menu options - makes it easier. This issue does NOT happen with my A700/A60 tablets.

While "housecleaning" I made a bunch of changes. Some are:

a. Removed "AndroMote" and "UPnPLAY". Now I just use "BubbleUPnPLAY" (Pro/Paid version by Bubblesoft) for all of my media streaming. Works well and I can download files from my media servers. That's very important as the COBY MID-1125 supports ONLY "802.3 b/g" and NOT "n" so many mind find streaming a bit "clipping" due to insufficient bandwidth over the wireless. If that happens, just "download" the file and run it from the TIF/microSD card. You can also have "BubbleUPnPLAY" act as a media server and stream your stored files to other devices. Sadly some of my favorite applications such as Opera and SPG 3D Shell use the most memory and won't transfer to "SD".

b. Two fun games I added which I also play on my other tablets - "Robotic Planet RTS" (Fearless Bits), and "Rusted Warfare" (Corroding Games). I can't seem to get "Tropical Stormfront (RTS)" (by Nobel Masters) downloaded (it's not on Market just Google Play) - that really sucks as it's my favorite all-time game. I'll write them and see what happens.

These games are real-time-strategic (RTS) games. If you've ever played the classic "Red Alert" (Command & Conquer) type games on the PC you'll know what I mean. If not, give it a try!

I also added back "Asteroid Defense 2" (Deonn Games) whcih I had purchased some time ago. Uses 6MB and won't go to the SD card - but what a fun game. Worth a try. I'll have to remove it if memory becomesan isue and play it on the A60 (A500) or A700 - but I'm hoping that won't become an issue.

c. The newest version of "MXPlayer PRO" has a new "Hardware+" mode. That is to say, on a limited number of devices there is enhanced hardware acceleration for videos. I tried it and it seems to work quite well on the COBY 1125. In a video if you bring up the menu with the standard controls (ie: play, pause..) at the upper right you'll see too boxes. The top one will have two letters inside: HW (Hardware Decoder), HW+ (Enhanced Hardware Decoder) and SW (Software Decoder) - press that box and select HW+. In the past the HW was far too slow and I used the SW decoder with good results. The HW+, thus far, seems to wok even better. I need further testing to see if there are any issues but so far, might be worth a try for those needing a good video player.

d. "Baristame Coffee Guide PRO" (Baristame) is a cool guide for those into coffee. Make sure to "Move to SD" else it takes up tons of memory (about 6MB). I roast my own green coffee beans in a "popcorn popper" and grind just before use - as it should be. I'll update this spot further, so watch.

e. I removed my "Battery Gauge" widget (from the COBY ONLY) to conserve memory and instead use the "SPB Shell 3D" (SPB Software - IMO, the most visually awesome launcher, ever!) built in battery widget. Not as nice looking but works quite well also -and save me a few MB's of precious memory.

I also removed the "Equalizer Pro" (smart Android Apps, LLC)from the COBY (only) due to memory issues (lack of..) - besides "PowerAMP PRO" (MSR Ltd) has a built in 10-band equalizer for when I play or stream music. It's a great program and I use it on my other tablets as it WILL alter the sounds for (say) Netflix and other music and video players. So a great program but for now, not enough memory for use on the COBY.

Also on the "remove list" was "Rotate" and "Undelete for Root Users" (Fahrbot). The latter as for some reason the version and paid key I have is not the current version (so it says), yet, it IS the current version in Market. Probably the newest version is in Google Play. It's a good program - I'll have to email the author and request it be updated on Market as well (or at least to remove the older versions there that are pay applications!).

f. Into "live wallpapers". On all three of my tablets I use "SPB Shell 3D" (SPB Software) which is a visually spectacular launcher! I very highly recommend it if you want something which looks amazing - like oh say, blow away your iPad friends.

I also add HD live wallpaper for that "second punch". Due to a glitch in how the COBY boots up, I often have to separately load the wallpaper after it has launched and then "YummyBar" (The Four Androids). Some great ones (especially if I'm going 300" to my projector via the HDMI) are:

--> Koi Live Wallpaper (Kittehface Software)
--> Snowfall Live Wallpaper (Kittehface Software)
--> Aquarium Live Wallpaper (Kittehface Software)

--> Crazy Colors Live Wallpaer (

--> My Date HD (DualBoot Games)
--> Christmas HD (DualBoot Games)
--> Haunted House HD (DualBoot Games)
--> Ocean HD (DualBoot Games)
--> Season ZEN HD (DualBoot Games)

g. Really handy for all your tablets is "Smart App Protector (app lock+)" (sputnik). On my COBY the boot security pattern does NOT work. Well this application allows you to protect (individuals applications and some common areas like "manage apps" and the USB port) using a password or password.

So if there are specific areas you DONT want people getting into like Market/Play (and buying stuff!), settings or mail you just "protect them". You can also prevent (on a per application basis) the screen from turning off and the screen from "auto-rotating". You can also backup/restore protected apps and it does have "widgets".

I use this on my Gateway A60 (Acer A500 repackaged) and my Acer A700 as well as my COBY MID-1125. Really good application - improves security and prevents/slows people down from messing up your tablet or getting into areas and applications they have no right to be.

IMO, a "must-have" application. Works very well.

So keep your investment - the COBY 1125 - going! It's proven to be a real winner!

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