Nov 23, 2010
First, let me say that I don't yet own a tablet of any sort, although as a longtime Linux user I favor Android tablets over The Other Guys. :) Here is what I hope to see someone do with Android in the near future (i.e., before I get ready to buy a tablet).

1. Larger screen than most current Android tablets, roughly the same size as iPad or the larger e-book readers.

2. WiFi -- I see myself using a tablet mostly in places where WiFi is available.

3. Bluetooth, and an optional folding Bluetooth keyboard, for times when I'm doing more than just a little text input. Building a little trackball into the keyboard would be even sweeter.

4. E-book support, preferably in multiple formats. I'd really like to see the Kindle format supported, but doubt that will happen as long as Amazon.com is selling lots of readers.

5. At least two USB ports, although I don't expect to use them very often.

Plus the usual wishes -- light weight, long battery life, at least semi-decent speakers, maybe a camera or two.

Does anyone know of tablets currently in development that will grant most or all of my wishes? Does anyone want to add wishes of their own?