Witstech A81E 2.2


Jan 22, 2011
I'm new to all this so i hope I'm posting this in the right way. I am a not so proud owner of a Witstech A81E 2.2 I received it in the post recently and after a short period of time almost nothing was working the way it should do. It kept coming up with a message that there wasn't enough memory and I hadn't even put any thing on it yet. After about two hours of frustration I decided to factory resit the device thinking this might free things up. Well, all it did was erase half the apps that where loaded on the device. I've tried reinstalling some of them ie. Adobe reeader, but the android markets place always comes back saying that there is no such app. Very frustrating. Can any one help me to get this thing up and running properly? Thanks.
Lorne Duncan