So which tablet? Zenithink or Wits A81e


Aug 27, 2010
Neither. I hear that jim at the BuyADroid store is going to be selling an unnamed android 2.2 tablet with freescale a9 cpu or something, and 512mb ram, etc etc. Next gen. Also supposedly a UK retailer is going to be selling same spec next gen tablet called the advent vega by october 18th (unconfirmed) for under $400 usd. More news over at slatedroid. google buyadroid store if unfamiliar. Try your best to have just a bit more patience until archos or other tablets come along, you waited this long yah?


Nov 15, 2010
I have the A81-E. I like it for many of the things you desire. But miss some of the obvious elements.
It has:
1. Froyo
2. A good secondary community building/improving the core firmware
3. A reasonable screen and processor
4. Bluetooth
5. Good WiFi depending upon the build
6. GPS capable if you want it.

It does not have for whatever reason:
1. A Microphone, Although, it will recognize the microphone of a Bluetooth headset. But what is weirder, There is a solder socket on the circuit board for a Mic, and a hole in the case
2. A secondary USB port, although, again a solder socket for one. None built into the socket
3. Fully Baked factory Firmware, the FW cooks have improved and have made it faster and more stable

And the community is better for support than of the Vendors. I think this is due in part to the support provided by the factory
It is for a "Maker" a real project. I am seriously considering a piggy-back USB secondary port (I would have to use a powered hub) and a Mic

Given a choice I would still choose the A81 but they are not the perfect tablet. But I am not sure any Android tablet has reached it yet.

Just my opinion though


I have not heard the the A81E works with Bluetooth headset microphone... do you have a reference forum post that explains how to get that feature functional.



Dec 19, 2010
It just recognizes BT headset and connects, that's all. When you try any IM app. like Fring or any kind of Sound Recorder it crashes. You have to restart the device again. I think there is still no solution for mic. problem.
As gurgle stated it is really weird to have a soldered socket placed on the circuit board for a Mic. If you're not going to add a function to it what's the use of it?
And most of the sellers give the info about the product as "built-in mic". But they never say it's not working!
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