Working Power Button!

Jan 25, 2011
Hello All!

Well tinkering around I found a fix to get a working power button (turns off screen) But you lose the hard back button. (button on screen still works:))

First you need to download View attachment $ and extract the .apk to your tablet

Install on your phone. Make sure you have root privileges

Once opened the app will look like this

Now you will need to remap the back key(158)

Click key 158 aka back it will bring up a popup like this

Change the setting to my settings or action=power and state=wake

Click ok

Click apply

Your tablet will automatically reboot and the settings will be applied. If for any reason you do not like the setting on first reboot you will have the choice to revert to previous setting.

This app was not created by me and all credit goes to appelflap at xda. The origional thread can be seen here

There is also a cool little app there that shows you what each button is when you click it. As always I am not responsible if you brick your device but I do not see how you would. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as me! I have not been able to see the new battery life as I have only had it on my device for an hour. But good news when powered off the tablet gets much cooler and seems to really be in sleep.
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