X5A/X6D - what are the USB ports capable of?


Feb 22, 2011
I purchased an X6D 7" Chi-pad, which I think is the same as the X5A but with 4GB memory. Can anyone clarify what the USB ports are capable of?

I read that the X6D tablet can support 3G wireless usb dongle. However, when I plug my o2 mobile broadband dongle in, the dongle's light doesn't come on. Do I need to download a driver or application onto my tablet first in order for it to work?

Is it possible to turn the tablet into a bluetooth device by simply plugging in a bluetooth dongle? I tried this but it didn't seem to work, but I may well have been missing something. Is there somwhere to turn on bluetooth within Android 2.1?

I am delighted to find that I can plug a standard USB PC keyboard or a USB mouse into the tablet and they work right away, so I don't need to ask about that!

Is there any difference between the capabilities of the mini-USP port and the standard-size USB port?

TIA for any clarification...

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