XBMC Remote App


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Oct 5, 2010
XBMC is a media center applications (available for Mac, Windows, Linux, classic XBOX, and AppleTV). "Plex" and "Boxee" are two well-known projects that are built on top of XBMC. A couple years ago I put together a Linux-based XBMC media center for my living room, which works so nice for watching a lot of video over broadband that I downgraded my Cable TV.

I used to control it with a wireless keyboard and mouse, but then I found out there is an official Android app that turns my tablet into a remote control for my media center!

It's in the Market or you can still get it from the Google Code page.

More than just a remote control, you can browse through all your media files on the system and the video plugins accessing streaming web videos from tons of sources. I was surprised that the media center responds to the remote app over the network faster than it does the wireless mouse.

XBMC also has a web interface which, when enabled, means you can control the media center over your LAN via a web browser - but it's pretty basic compared to the Android remote app. To be clear this only controls - the content doesn't stream to the tablet, it plays on the TV connected to the media center.

I'll make another post about actually streaming content over your LAN (it doesn't require any kind of media center software).