Xoom 4G LTE Upgrades Soon Rolling for Government and Business Owners First


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Jan 5, 2011

A new report from Droid-Life indicates from a "pilot group" email that the Moto XOOM will soon start receiving its 4G LTE upgrade. The first folks that will get emails with details of sending their Xoom in to be updated will be "government" and "business" users. It wasn't made clear from the report how that is determined exactly. Here's a quote from the Droid-Life article with some details,
the upgrade will be free of charge and will be initiated by an email with instructions from Motorola. Along with said email, you will also receive a pre-paid FedEx box to ship your XOOM in with enough packing supplies to make it safe for travel. Moto and Verizon recommend that you back everything up, since the upgrade process will likely require them to wipe your device clean.
This upgrade has been a long time coming, and because of this, the Xoom can't really be called the first 4G LTE Android Tablet anymore, since the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now has that distinction. Also, there is no word on how soon the "regular folk" will start to get the "upgrade now email", but at least the process is starting and it's better late than never. The pic above is a screenshot of the email.

Source: XoomForums.com via Droid-Life