YahooMessenger and (skype?) from MiD android 2.2 froyo tablet


Jan 26, 2012
How can I install the plug ins of yahoo messenger? Every time i go and visit the market it says that its already been installed but every time i try to use video call the pop up message always appears and says I should install plug ins for the voice and video call.. please help me on this.. I haven't tried it yet on skype but can you please help me on that issue.. And whenever I will try to download any applications its asking for my Gmail acct.. I've been trying to use my old acct there that I've already used on my mini samsung galaxy and there it perfectly function well I've already installed Yahoo messenger plus the plug ins for the video and voice call by myself through the android market from my galaxy mini.. But on my MiD android 2.2 froyo tablet that I just recently bought I was surprised by how the market appears and its all in Chinese.. =( its all limited, the market is too limited on the applications I want to put on my tablet. And was it wrong to use the same account for the two different device that is supported by android system?.. its the only concerns that I have for now because of my sister, i need to have a regular contact with her through Yahoo messenger, thanks in Advance..

and if also you can teach me how to install better applications on my tablet.. please do so..
tell me where can I down load it and how...
I'm going crazy over this device.. =( I don't want to have regrets buying it. thank you ill be waiting for the helps and support you can give me.. thank you thank you thank you
Hello, welcome to Android Tablets. Nice to have you as a member of the forum. I'm going to move your thread to the Android Tablet Apps section for you. Hopefully, someone there will be able to help you out. Good luck!