Youtube black and white?


Jul 16, 2011

I just got my Superpad 3 yesterday in the mail and I must say I love it so far. Its my first tablet and I plan on getting others in the future for fun!

But I seem to have only one problem with it. Youtube and other related video sites. They don't work right.

Whenever I load up a video on youtube. It seems to be disorted or just black and white with little pixels of color all over the video, but not in the right place.

I tried but the videos won't play at all. It tells me afterabout a minute that the video won't play. but I get video on regular youtube but its how I described it eariler.

Afaik its android 2.2 and has flash installed. I also looked for youtube app, but none shows up,

everything else works for the most part and nothing serious until this.

Anyone have any advice. Thanks!
Also after restart and removing some apps. I get no colour and some distortion on flash videos.