Youtube on a Wopad 7001 - how to ...?


Jan 20, 2011

How do one get ones Wopad 7001 to play youtube videos? I can't find any apps in the Market nor can I find any apk on ...

Going to only gives me still pictures ...

Me .. puzzled!

Check out this thread. This is a good forum for this device.
There is some development happening in that forum. Alot of good reading as well.

EDIT: Wow, I can't believe I forgot the link.
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I used these files for you tube and new market. I have the capacitive wopad TR718D.

There is alot going on in that forum but this is what I used and they both work on my tablet.
Hope this helps.
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And beware, there are some wopads (including mine) where youtube just doen'st work. It kills the wifi when trying to watch a movie. If so you can use the app JetVD and then download the movie (longclick on the name of the movie in jetVD), and then use the standard player to watch it. That does work. It's a bit more of a hassle, but better than nothing.
Well, I am using tubemate to download the youtube clip and then the builtin viewer. It works but it is not ideal.

When I bought the tablet I was sold with the promise that it could play youtube videos and do gaming ... reality is: no youtube and gaming .. yes, simple ones. But forget about Turbo Fly 3D and similiar games (get 1 FPS or so :)

But it's awesome for ebook reading ...

Anyway, seems I have to be satisfied with downloading the clip and the view it offline.

Thanks for all the replies.
My Wopad 7001, received on Jan 13 came with a Youtube viewer pre-loaded. It has been working for the few videos I watched. For example, the Gieco Piggy commercial, the 2011 Corvette rocket commercial, and a few Wopad reviews. My main beef with it is that there does not appear to be any way to calibrate the touch screen. It seems to respond to presses a "little" low from where you'd expect.
I followed the link given above by "xaueious".

I couldn't get the 'new' client to work but the 'old' client works flawlessly.

This is on a Apad 2.1 (Wopad 7001).