Zenithink ZT180 calendar and contacts


Jan 16, 2011
Hey all,
I am new to Android stuff (but that said I have been working with computers for many years). I am having some trouble with Android 2.2 which came ready installed on my new Zenithink ZT180.
Everything is great baring the fact that I cant get Google Calendar or contacts to sync with my pad. I have tired adding another google account, factory reseting, adding a dumbby google account (which I am ready on many different sites)

all I get when going to add a event is "no calendar" error. There is no google calendar sync option in the "accounts & sync" settings page.

I am out of ideas.

If no ones knows of a way to fix this, are they are no google calendars out that I can use.

Cheers for any ideas.
Andrew :cool:


Mar 24, 2011
I had that exact same problem and I spent so much time trying to fix the Google calendar and contacts. I finally said screw this and looked for another alternative. I found it and it works really nice. Go to Free Online Calendar and Mobile Application For Busy Families | Cozi and sign up for a free account. Create a new calendar by entering your appointments and such ( must be done manually ).

Use you android device and go to the market and download the app called cozi.
Sign on using the credentials used for your web account and voila.
You can also create a new widget on your home screen and it will display the appointments coming up.

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