zt 180 vs coretex a8 vs n450 tablet pc'es


Jan 18, 2011

I just bought zt180 with 512 mb ram from china but i am not quite pleased with the battery and the touch screen on it. The battery i think is to bad and on the touch screen is very difficul to use (compared to my iphone which i have used last 2 years).

I saw that there different tablet pc models in china, there these zt180 models which are cheapest ones and there is another model which are with the cortex a8 cpu who 100 dollars more expensive and there n450 atom window 7 tablet pc'es which 150 dollars more expensive. There are all with 10 inch screen.

Does anybody now how these 3 machines are compered to each other, i am thinking more about how the display is and the battery? Which one these 3 models are closest to an ipad? The n450 and coretex a8 is with the multi touch screens is this the same as the display on the ipad?
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Sounds like you expect an iPad for the price of an iPod!
These Chinese pads are budget tablet pc's which do
what they are designed to do,they don't pretend to be
anything more than that.
If you want to improve your battery life then install an
Apps killer which allows you to "kill" apps which are
running but which may not be required for the current
task,you'll be amazed at the difference it makes to your battery life.
Also if you're not browsing the web,switch off your WiFi,again makes a
big difference.
If you get probs with your pad,there is no better place than this forum to
ask for advice,more often than not you'll find someone on here has experienced
the same problem as you,and quite often someone has found a solution.
In short,persevere with your pad & learn it's little quirks & I'm sure you'll
find you get to like it.
iPads have capacitive screens which are far more expensive to manufacture than
the resistive screens used on our Android pads,in short,you pay your money & make
your choice!!

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N450 Tablet PC
Processor: Intel 1.66GHz Atom N450
Display: 10.1 "Resolution 1024 * 600
Camera: 1.3 million pixels
Memory: 1G DDR2
Graphics: Intel GMA 3150 MHD
Wireless LAN: MSI-6894 (802.11a/b/g)
Battery: Built-in 3-cell lithium ion battery
Size: 290x150x20mm
Weight: 1.2KG (with battery)
(optional) Multi-touch support 3G Internet access

ZT180 Epad

  • CPU: ARM11 core-1GHz
  • FSB: 1GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • HDMI output
  • Built in Nandflash: 2GB
  • Extended: SD Card, U disk
  • LCD display: 10.2”TFT digital display,1024×600
  • Internet solution:Built in Ethernet; support WIFI; USB port for 3G module; USB port for web camera
  • I/O ports: DC In;Mic In;Earphone;RJ-45;SD/MMC;3*USB2.0 Host port
  • Keyboard: 86 keys QWERT keyboard
  • Mouse: 2.2” touch board,USB standard mouse
  • Audio: Built in stereo speakers 0.5W×2;Built in mono recorder
  • LED indicators: Power; Charging; Capital Lock; Number Lock; Scroll Lock
  • Power ON/OFF: 1 key
  • Battery: 2400mAH, 7.4V Lithium-ion battery
  • Max. battery time: Wifi on: 5 hours;Wifi off: 7 hours
  • Power adapter: 110~220V Input,9V DC Output,2A
  • Product dimension: 278mm×185mm×25mm
  • Other application: Alarm Clock, Bluetooth Perm Test, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, DevTools, Email, Gallery, Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Market, Music, Navigation, Mews and Weather, Note pad, OI File Manager, Phone, Places, RealPlayer, Settings, Spare Parts, Superuser, Talk, YouTube
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Zenithink c91 should be a good alternative to an iPad,no?
@chenmoke: Do you know the average price of a n450? I presume it doesn't lag on videos, does it?
Sounds like you expect an iPad for the price of an iPod!
These Chinese pads are budget N450 tablet pc's which do
what they are designed to do,they don't pretend to be
anything more than that.