7 Must-Have Android Apps for Business

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    By Guest Posts on July 26th, 2012[​IMG]The Android user-base is growing rapidly. Whether you have just switched to an Android smartphone or you already have one, if you are running a business, then there are many useful and valuable apps available at the Android Market. With these exceptional Android business apps, you can make your business and your workday more productive and pleasant. Following are the 7 must-have Android apps for business that you should definitely give a try.

    1. Evernote
    If you want your Android smartphone to become an extension of your brain, then you should definitely download the Evernote app on your Android phone. With Evernote on your smartphone you will be able to remember everything and anything happening in your life. With this Android app you can even create to-do lists, capture photos, take notes, record voice reminders and above all, you can download it for free.

    2. Dropbox
    If you have Dropbox installed on your Android smartphone, then you will be able to take your documents, photos and videos with you anywhere. Once you have Dropbox installed on your smartphone, you will be able to access any file that you save to your Dropbox on your computer. Dropbox is also free to download.

    3. Documents to Go 3.0
    The Documents to Go Android app will allow you to view native Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word files on your smartphone. .docm, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls and .xlsx are among the file formats supported by the app. While it is a free app, the paid version includes more features.

    4. Google Voice
    If you want one phone number will ring all your phones, then you should download the Google Voice Android app on your smartphone. With the Google Voice app, your voicemail will be saved online and your voicemail will be transcribed to text. You will also be able to listen to messages while they are left, make low-cost international calls and record calls using the Google Voice app.

    5. Square
    Square is a free card reader Android app that will allow you to accept payments anywhere, from coffee shops to garage sales. With this app, credit cards will be accepted on your Android device while no contract or merchant account will be needed, and no monthly fees will be charged.

    6. ScanBizCards
    With ScanBizCards app, you can use your Android phone-based camera to capture business images and the card image content is recognized by the app. The app then automatically organizes the recognized result as a contact and saves into the Card Holder and phone address book.

    7. Digital Signature Creator
    Once you have the Digital Signature Creator on your smartphone, you won’t ever have to print out your faxes and emails again. This app will help you in creating digital signatures for your digital documents in any format, like PDF, Word, etc. The signature created will have realistic pen effects, allowing you to use your phone to sign your documents.

    When it comes to the best Android business apps, finding the cream of the crop is not as easy as it might seem. Nonetheless, you won’t be disappointed once you try out the mentioned must-have Android apps for business.

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    Nice thread! I'm also a business woman and I never run out of office paper works and aside from bringing a laptop I edit and create document files like excel, powerpoint and word files using OfficeSuite Pro which is reliable and handy and I want also to be updated with the latest world news so I also have NewsAce Multimedia News Reader which is a nice app from the market that lets you watch video at the same time reading the news and has a lot of news feed to choose from so those are my only applications installed in my Xperia Arc S Phone.

    OfficeSuite Pro - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobisystems.editor.office_registered

    NewsAce Multimedia News Reader - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tecace.newsace

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    All good apps, but I use Catch Notes instead of Evernote, mainly because I am too cheap to pay a yearly fee and I need offline access to my notes. In a way Catch is a little old school because of the tag system it uses to organize, although the later version employs streams, which is really useful as you can seperate business and personal info as well as share a specific stream. There is of course a paid version of catch as well that gives you unlimited streams and greater online storage. Like Evernote the ability to have my info synced automatically to all my devices is incredibly useful and efficient.

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    You have listed out some great apps. But instead of "ScanBizCards" I'll recommend "WorldCard Mobile" because I feels that it's providing greater accuracy when compared to ScanBizCards. Put on a try, sure you will like it too :)
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    wow this is great :) thanks for this

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