9" novel; android market won't allow me to download - says I have no android device

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by bklake, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Pandigital Novel 9"
    I have had my 9" for about a week now. I've visited several forums several times, and have received quite a bit of help in getting great apps. I have found a few sites that have third party apps; I have downloaded about a dozen apps, but cannot get android market apps to save my life. Is there a way to get the android market app? How to get the market to recognize my android? It has something to do with a device being linked to a google account - can't seem to get the google account to recognize my device so that android mkt will pick it up.

    Apps I have downloaded - Skyfire (LOVE IT!), Dolphin Browser, Kindle, Pandora, Amazon Appstore, itriage, mynurse, fireclock (widget), Astrid, Google Maps, Lightning Bug, Droid System Suite, EasyPrint (supposed to access Google Cloud Print - another topic for another post)

    I just tested Amazon Appstore, and I downloaded Tropical Fish Shop, today's freebie

    Any help or ideas for the Android Market? Thanks!

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