According to a New Survey 90% of Consumers have Tablet Fever

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Jun 8, 2011.

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    I always find surveys "dubious" at best, and this one is no different. Samsung released their findings from a survey they hired a company called Kelton Research to perform. Some of the findings are fairly interesting, but their claim that 90% of consumers have "tablet fever", and either own a tablet or would consider buying one, seems a tad out of proportion. It seems more like "wishful thinking" to me.

    At any rate, here are some of their findings. The survey, of 1000 people polled, deduced that people would do the following with their tablets in these percentages:
    • 76%: reading the news or books
    • 64%: watching TV shows or movies
    • 61%: listening to music
    • 56%: updating their social networking profiles
    • 53%: play games instead of on a PC or standalone video game console
    • 44%: take pictures or film videos
    • 41%: video chat with loved ones
    • 34%: or stay connected with their co-workers
    Oh noes! I can feel my temperature rising. I just gotta go out and buy me a tablet right now! :D

    Seriously though, maybe that might start being true here in a year or so... What do you guys think?

    Below is the full press release of the survey from Samsung:
    Source: via BGR
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    Good article dgstorm,

    I think there pretty right on actually. It started with our phones, most anything these tablets can do, our high end smart phones can do just as well.. Stepping up to a larger view window and allowing for the media outlets to grow and mature into what the tablets can offer the consumer. Means that the tablets have a fire under theme right now. It wont die down till the middle/end of next year is my guess. When the general public's education and awareness balances out with the technology and offerings that are out there with whats being pushed in the media markets.. In the end my take is that the media drives it, the tech allows for it to happen. One without the other just ain't going to happen. Put the two together and you have a wild fire or fever as this article and survey points out..

    Thanks for posting this one, right up my ally of interest.. Feeds the fever if you will. ;)

    Yours through the screen

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    While I would like to believe that "tablet fever" is catching on, I suspect that the survey was probably skewed. Where did they get their list of people to poll? CNET subscribers are much more likely to be interested in a tablet then subscribers to Ladies Home Journal. Just a quick survey of my friends finds that I am the ONLY one to own a tablet. Co workers is a little higher, but I work for a software company. Even then I would guesstimate that only 10-20% of the folks in my company own tablets. I think the progression to a higher saturation point of tablet ownership is likely to take several years, maybe as many as 5-7. Just my 2cents worth :=)

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