Amazon Plans To Blanket The Skies With Delivery Drones in the Future

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    Sometimes people think outside the box, but sometimes they think so far outside the box you can no longer see the box. A new idea from Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon's is a prefect example of this. He plans to develop flying remote-controlled drones which will eventually be used to help Amazon deliver most of the packages you purchase from them in 30 minutes or less.

    Just. Wow!

    Mr. Bezos announced this on 60 Minutes last night (Sunday, December 1st, 2013). In his interview he said, "Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today." Here's a quote from the Amazon official announcement below (followed by a link):

    He admitted it will take a few years to implement, but is very doable. If the plan works out, we might one day see the skies darkened not with Terminator drones of doom, but instead with flying robot Santa Clauses. What do you guys think of this wild idea? Is Bezos crazy or just "crazy-like-a-fox?"

    Source: Amazon Prime Air
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    Yea, I watched 60 minutes, was really cool to see the drones flying. Around here the first few would be shot down, just the way it is in the country.
    Yep, I have family that wouldn't hesitate to shoot down a few drones.
    Guess that's why we don't have Bigfoot or aliens around here. We tend to use guns first camera's second.
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    I think there is a lot of the country where that will be the case for a while. People will think it's the govt spying on them and BLAM! another drone bites the dust...

    Ooo! This one was carrying cookies!

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