Analyst Thinks Google Nexus 7 Sales Lower Than Expected with 4.5 Million

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    According to analyst Benedict Evans, the Google Nexus 7 was a very successful device, but still fell quite a bit short of expectations. According to his estimates, the tablet sold 4.5 Million units since its debut in the Summer of last year. These numbers (if true) fall short of expectations, and also fall short of sales of the Apple iPad Mini and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Despite that, the number is still very respectable, and when compared to other Android tablet sales is actually quite spectacular.

    The pressure is on for Google's next follow-up that is expected to come out later this year. Luckily, current rumors suggest the tablet will come with a higher resolution display, a faster CPU and will likely have the next iteration of Android, Key Lime Pie. The device may to launch at Google I/O and go on sale in Google's new physical retail Play Store locations nationwide.

    Source: BGR

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