Andriod M009s- Updating firmware issue

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    Eken m009s
    I am currently having trouble updating my Firmware I also have also tried Uberoid and I first format my SD then I install the Uberoid to the SD then once I plug my Microsd card into the M009s it boots up like normal and there is nothing different. When I go to "mypad" which is the software installed on it I find sdcard then it has all the files such as "Firmware Install" but when you click any of the files inside of the folder it says "Cannot Open". Everyone I have talked to said if I plug it in with the files installed to the SD it will automatically install the new OS but it doesnt anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Please help me im trying to get rid of the damn "Cell Standby" to turn off its about 85% of my battery and causing it to die quite fast and its driving me crazy if anyone can help with either one please help!

    A thank you to you in advance seems right :D

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