Android Continues to Grow; Samsung Accounts for 45.4% of Global Android Shipments

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    If you are a fan of Google's Android, and you are also a fan of Samsung, then this lastest marketing info might be doubly good news for you. According to the latest marketing research from IDC, in the first quarter of 2012, Android grew it's lead over all other mobile OS's to a whopping 59% of the total global market. Compare this to Apple's iOS, which held onto 23%, followed by dismal numbers from Symbian (6.8%), Blackberry OS (6.4%), Windows Mobile (2.2%), and others at the bottom, and things are looking very good for Google's mobile OS.

    The numbers from this study also indicate that Samsung is doing remarkably well too. During this quarter 89.9 million total Android phones were shipped globally. Of these devices, fully 45.4% of them were Samsung devices! Furthermore, these numbers do not even take into account the fact that pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III have exceeded 9 Million, and the phone hasn't even shipped yet. This next quarter will likely be a "monster" success for both Android and Samsung. Here's the full press release from the study:


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