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    This will Root any tablet/firmware and install Superuser and RootExplorer, on Genuine Onda firmware with all chinese apps etc.. then you can delete the apps you want to get rid of.

    Download the file below and then open and drag the 2 files ( to your sdcard.

    Shut down your tablet and wait 1 min, then Hold "home" key for AT-LEAST 3-4 seconds BEFORE holding "power" key, hold BOTH keys until you see the white android then release both.

    The green Android will show and after about 1 min the tablet will reboot.

    You will now see Superuser and RootExplorer in your apps, use rootexplorer to delete any apps you dont want.

    If for some reason RootExplorer does not install (certain tablets) open up the file you just downloaded and in the app file is rootexplorer.apk, drag this to your sdcard and using the basic file manager on tablet go to sdcard and select rootexplorer.apk to install.

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