Apple v Samsung Aftermath; Google Statement; Juror Speaks Out & More

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    The biggest patent trial of the decade (maybe ever) just wrapped up on Friday, and Samsung lost to Apple to the tune of $1 Billion. Of course there will be appeals filed and other lawsuits from other companies still to follow, but at least this particular daily-news headache is waning. We will soon be able to focus on less frustrating topics in the mobile tech world. Before we can move on, there are a few "aftermath" stories to share. Here's a breakdown below:

    First, we have a couple of interesting statements to share from some of the players in this game. One is an internal memo from Samsung that was designed to reassure its employees, and the other is a statement that Google issued in regards to the trial outcome. It is designed to reassure the consumer regarding Android. Here they are below (sourced from AndroidCentral),

    Second, Samsung released a separate statement to the public that directly addresses the ridiculous damages claim from the court case. It is a bold statement that will likely be a big part of their appeal. They make a great argument that the damages were poorly calculated, which could easily go in their favor in an appellate court. Speaking to that argument, we found an analysis of Apple's damages claim over at Phandroid. It eloquently breaks down why many of the supposed infringing devices should not have been calculated in the damages because they were on carriers that never (or later) carried the iPhone. Here's Samsung's statement followed by a quote from the article with the breakdown (in the breakdown, the bolded items could not really have taken any business away from Apple),

    Here's a quote from the jury instructions that makes this more clear,

    Third, a man named Manuel Ilagan came forward to share hist thoughts on the verdict. The reason why his perspective is worth paying attention to is because he was one of the jurors. Here are a couple of his statements, (you can read more of his perspective at CNET),

    Of course we will keep you guys updated of any breaking news regarding these and other patent wars, but it will be nice to focus on more tech-friendly stuff for a while! :)
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    I thought this was interesting at the time. Here are the images from court they are talking about.

    $apple-samsung-evidence-closing-arguments-1.jpg $apple-samsung-evidence-closing-arguments-2.jpg

    Now what I find disturbing about this is there is a 4 year gap in Samsung phones missing from this graphic. Are they saying that Samsung made no phones during this time period and their design wasn't evolving? How about even the 1 year gap from the "previous" phones to the iPhone. I don't think this is something many people caught. Sure just looking at the picture is damaging but the gap is so big. If you look at any device and then skip 4 years and look at that device it will look much different. How about just doing this with a range of phones from all manufacturers 2006 models and then their 2010 models? I bet you will find almost all go from buttons and Blackberry look to no buttons and iPhone look.

    How about this as an example? 2003 iPod vs. 2007 iPod Touch:

    $ipod.jpg $ipod-touch-lg.jpg
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    I would not buy an Apple product after they not only claimed to invent windows but also the mouse and inyergrated computer, all of which got them banned in foreign countries where they are serious about lying. Then they steal the beatles name and logo, and sue everyone on the planet for a living. Not a company I would do business with, when I can do everything I need efficiently on a PC or android device.

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