Asphalt 5 HD ???? Nook Color ????

Discussion in 'Nook Color Apps and Games' started by Hubman, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Hi , Purchased Asphalt 5 HD from market . Anyone know how to get this to work on a rooted autonooter 2.1 .
    At first it would not even install , by checking and unchecking in Nook Color Tools then total power down and reboot . It finally installed. Then downloaded the extra 220 mb data file. Game would crash on opening screen.
    Then I removed on the sd card in Gameloft directory the logo.mp4 file ( deleted) .
    Now the game opened and worked for 3 laps , ( worked smoothly ) then froze .
    On reboot would want to keep downloading missing file .
    Now the game no longer works no matter how many times I install uninstall or delete the logo.mp4 file .
    Any ideas how to get this game to work on the Nook Color .

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