Battle the Undead Hordes in new 'Army of Darkness: Defense' Game

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    Even if you might have missed most of the Evil Dead horror movies from the eighties, many folks have seen the "sequel" Army of Darkness. This movie showcased Bruce Campbell in all of his campy glory. It was a tour-de-force of horror, gore and comedy all wrapped up in a medieval fantasy pic! Now you can strop on your boomstick and chainsaw to fight the undead masses yourself! A cool new "defense" game arrived at the Google Play Store from Backflip Studios, and it even includes voice-over work from Bruce Campbell himself!

    "Shop smart. Shop S-Mart!"

    Here's a quote with the full game description from the play store, followed by a link to the play store:

    Source: Google Play Store - Army of Darkness Defense
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    Army of Darkness is One of the great films of all times. Should have won an Oscar. Several Oscars actually, and maybe even a Nobel Prize for defeating Evil even though you would really rather not but just couldn't get out of it.
    And now a game, could life get any better?

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