Cambridge Sciences tablet-anyone got it?

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    Hi there!
    I saw that android tablet from Cambridge Sciences,and it looks good!
    The model is: Android 4.0.3 G7 Wafer 7inch Tablet PC

    I want to ask if anyone got it,and also I want to ask a few more things (because I want it also for other uses except reading!)

    -I heard that it has good WiFi signal (despite the other tablets),is that true?
    -Can you make calls with skype? (or just video calls with no sound,or even worse just skype texting?)
    -Can you surf the net with it?

    Any help appreciated,I'm looking for a decent tablet to read books and make skype phonecalls,and it would be better if it's kinda cheap!
    Waiting impressions and comments from anyone bought this Cambridge Sciences tablet,to see if it worths the money!

    Thanks in advance!

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