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Discussion in 'Froyo' started by sforsyth, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Hi. I got a Flytouch 3 for Christmas running Android 2.2. First step was to install apps, from the Market and from downloaded apk's. The apps semmed to install and worked perfectly, until I rebooted. Then all apps and saved files disappeared. OK, so its a root issue. I downloaded Z4Root and Launcherpro (for the USB enabling). A permanent root using Z4Root seemed to work perfectly, completed and shut down the system. So I reinstalled the apps, which worked fine until reboot, then disappeared again. I have heard of Tim 6A and Funnycomb and both are supposed to be better than stock. So upgrading to Tim 6A seemed like a good idea, as I got a better OS and got rid of installation problems at the same time. The upgrade appeared to work, but on restart Froyo was still Froyo. So, since Funnycomb has a different face, I flashed to this - just in case I had missed any changes made previously. No joy, Froyo is still Froyo, I still can't install apps. I'm not unhappy with Froyo, the flashing was to try to eliminate installation problems for apps. Does anybody have any suggestions for me?

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