Coby 7022 - Problems with Serial Number/Code activation

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2' started by Metaliclassic, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Coby 7022
    Hello all!

    Got into a problem with the serial number of my device and it does seem like a new situation, since i haven´t found any trace of this same issue around.

    After 2 days of tentative, i was able to get my 7022 tablet rooted, clockworkmoded and Jelly Bean installed.

    The thing is, when i was trying to install Jelly Bean via the method on (using proxy to access Coby Germany to download Android 4 - Jelly Bean) :

    ( video in Portuguese )

    i got into an issue. I was trying different Serial Numbers in order to match one unused (1011100103XX) when i finally found one. But, before proceeding with the installation i decided it would be better to write down it. That´s the moment i regret. I cancelled the installation and the number was erased from the screen. And since i was trying any serial that would match, i can´t remember it.

    Now this is the problem. I can´t get my coby activated because my feeling is that somewhere on Android sites my tablet (or even within my tablet) it is matched with that serial number.

    I couldn´t proceed with the installation from the german site since every serial number i enter, the screen would state : " This tablet is assigned with a different serial number" (or anything like that).

    I tried recover my tablet with the original backup i made before doing any modifications on it with clockworkmod, but the message would still appear.

    After that, i was able to install an image on the internet that i found at:

    2012-08- - - Minus

    for the Jelly Bean OS, but from time to time the screen shows a message about the activation code, requesting to input one.

    Has anyone had problems with Serial Numbers like that?

    I would greatly thank for any ideas and help.

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