Ematic funtabc the worst tablet for kids

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    We bought this for our daughter for her 7th birthday, thinking it would be great for her, since it's a "kids" tablet. It worked for a week. After a week, the charger would no longer plug in, it was just loose in the hole. So, I went on their website to contact their customer service. I couldn't find a phone number, so I clicked on the "Contact Support" tab. I filled out the form, and submitted my info. After submission, it said I would be contacted in 1 business day. Nothing. After a week, I contacted them again. Nothing. So, yesterday, I went back to the website, found another support tab and emailed again about my 2 previous attempts at contact and asked for at least some kind of answer as to why I hadn't heard anything. I get an email this morning with the most nasty tone I've ever read. I was told that I should pay more attention to what I click on and read and fill out because my requests were just ignored because I was filling out the "business" forms. Nowhere on the forms did it say "business" or "commercial". Needless to say, this company will never get my business again, and my child will get another tablet. For the headache that the customer service caused me, it has turned me off to all of their products.

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