Evernote for Android Updated with Skitch Integration

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    Evernote for Android Updated with Skitch Integration and More by Abhishek Baxi | Wednesday, 07th Sep 2011

    Evernote is arguably the best note-taking application available for all the platforms – on desktop and on phone – as well as on the Web. It allows individuals to capture, find, and interact with their memories. Evernote has announced a few new features and capabilities as part of an Android update (3.2). Apart from some useful UX changes, there are some great new feature additions too.

    Skitch Integration [​IMG]

    Evernote recently acquired the popular annotaion app: Skitch. This update is the first version of Evernote to showcase the technology as part of Evernote. When you create a note or edit an existing one, you’ll see Skitch’s heart logo in the toolbar. If you have Skitch installed, you’ll be taken into Skitch and in Skitch, you can draw and doodle, then send your sketch into Evernote by tapping the elephant icon in the top right.

    Offline Search You can now search within your Evernote account when you don’t have a network connection. In the past, you were able to access certain notes offline, but searching for notes wasn’t possible. While Premium users can take entire notebooks offline and search within them, free users can only search within notes that they viewed or created on their Android device. The Premium users will also have the ability to search within their PDFs while offline.

    Slideshow View for images The latest update features a dedicated image viewing mode: Slideshow View. Within a note, tap on an image, photo or something you marked up in Skitch to view the same on full-screen on a black background. Swipe left and right to view all the other images in that note. If your note contains an image and nothing else, then it will automatically open in Slideshow View.
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