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Discussion in 'Coby Tablets' started by jhaskins75, May 23, 2012.

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    I purchased a 16gb external card for my Coby MID7012 and when I turn on the unit you can see the card media being scanned and I go to settings / storage and it list the Nand as well as the SD card showing only 14gb available space and this is okay, but I also have a file manager installed which shows all the folders on this tablet and I am totally confused cause in the listing it shows a sata_sda1, sata_sdb1, scsi_sda1, scsi_sdb1 and tflash, so which one is the sd card I installed and when I expand any of these drive folders, they show me that they are empty except when I downloaded something or moved an item to the ones I named, that is all I see described. Now in another program which allows you to move items back and forth via either the device or the sd card, when I look to see where on the sd card that it shows or list that item, I can't access it to view as though it magically is just incorporated within the system as a whole. I do not want to make this sound more complicated than it already is to me, but I should be able to identify the SD card by name and I should have the option of downloading directly to this card internally, and I also read a Tibet that says when you connect via usb, this is the only way to download to the external sd card. Can anyone explain to me in layman terms what I am missing here.


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