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    Hi everyone,

    I'm glad to introduce our new game.

    Clash of Mages is tactical game built around mage duels. Nice graphics, atmospheric music, simple rules and endless gameplay.

    In general it is new vesion of old classical acromage game, but it is not a simple clone, game has really different magical system and style. Also there is online multiplayer there you can play agains players from all mobile platforms (right now there are versions for Samsung Bada and iOS available).

    Lite version is available for free at Android Market:

    Game features:
    - Supports all devices (from 320x240 to 854x480, and there is also HD version for tablets)
    - Online Multiplayer with Top 100 Leaderboard (limited in lite version)
    - Achievements system (limited in lite version)
    - Quick battles with 3 difficulty levels
    - Advaced tactical AI
    - Simple and easy to use magic system (no long manuals needed!)

    Full version includes:
    - Unlimited online multiplayer
    - Online multiplayer with friends
    - Single player campaign
    - Multiplayer on a single device

    Easy to use magical system doesn't mean easy walk gameplay. This game will require you to think. You'll not enjoy it just choosing spells randomly. It is tactical game after all :)

    YouTube video demostrating single player gameplay:

    Visit official website for all the details:
    Welcome to Clash of Mages - Clash of Mages

    Join the battle and try to become an Arch Mage! :)
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