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Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by yy4u, Feb 15, 2013.

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    My Vizio tab is annoying the hell out of me #1 every time I boot up its nags saying google play store is not setup or available Press ok then it says no connection Well duh I dont always have one & if there is one it forces me to the play store I dont want to go there thank you.
    #2 I have tried to connect my tab to my XP PC I installed the drivers & it shows it in the device manager as android phone I never get a mass storage device I cant do anything with it even though I have a 4gig card installed.
    Sorry if these questions have been asked I spent 2hrs reading & found no answers.
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    I wanted to copy a couple of tv shows from my htpc to my vtab and hit the same XP wall you did. Crap

    Also I find an increasing number of apps that don't run on the vtab anymore. Hulu, hbo and others. Bummer. Assume it's honeycomb but don't expect an upgrade til heck gets a frosty one.

    If vizio is going to abandon us why don't they just open the thing up to the hacking community. Bet whatever inventory is left would go fast.

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