Greetings from Italy. Help me please!!!

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    chinese tablet
    Hello to every one, my name is Ivano and I live in Italy (south). I bought a few weeks ago a chinese tablet(this is the link
    7" Google Android 2.2 Tablet PC, Built-in Camera & More su, iPads Tablets, Computers Networking.
    I have two little problems with it: ad hoc lan and 3G connection. The tablet doesn't recognize ad hoc lan ( I suppose it's necessary to add something to wpa_supplicant_conf. file but I don't know how). As regard 3g connection, it's necessary to set the Apn and others ( I've a Huawei e220 key supported by the tablet, but I think there is something else to do because I think the tablet recognize it as "USB DIsk" and so I think it's necessary use AT command with Hiperterminal to disable it. Is there anybody that can help me in solving this problems? I would be very happy to have an help (tutorial, because I don't know well Android operating system). Thanks in advance Ivano

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