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    Hello everyone,

    Good to join this community.
    I am planning to move to Android and hopefully get into some development in future.[​IMG]
    For now I am going to start experiencing Android with an unbranded Android tablet. I did bit of research and I found a device which I think it is value for money. Although I appreciate if you give me a feedback before my purchase.

    Here is the spec :

    CPU: Samsung S5pv210
    Ram: 512MB
    NAND: 4GB
    Screen: 7 inch capacitive multi touch
    Comes with : Wifi , 3G support , HDMI and 3MP webcam
    And obviously comes with Android 2.2 supporting flash10.1

    That is for $200USD from a special source.

    Probably after I have got it I will use this forum to explore and advance my knowledge of Android.

    Any suggestions is more than welcome[​IMG]

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    Hey bennz:

    Welcome to the forum! That sounds like an awesome deal, especially for only $200. It would be great if you could write up a review on that tablet on the forums here. A lot of people *LOVE* watching or reading reviews on Android Tablets. It reaches the "geek" in all of us.

    It's awesome that you want to jump into the development aspect of these tablets. There is a lot of ways you can go, and being on this forum will help out a lot!

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