Hi I am very new to android 2.2 google MID and need much help please

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    2.2 google android tablet
    I am a stay at home mom and go to an online university. I still have a 4.0 GPA (yay) and it has been hard. I got the MID android 2.2 google tablet to have something to mess with on the weekends or if I have to go somewhere during the week like the doctors so I no longer have to sit there and do nothing while I wait for the doctor. I have had so much trouble trying to do anything, I think I know how to download apps, but it won't let me install any new apps. (whats the difference?) I already figured out that my MID doesn't support adobe flash player, it does let me watch videos on youtube, but not all of them. I really want to chat with friends on facebook (the IM friends on chat) but I do not see it when I go on facebook. Is there an app that I have to download to be able to IM on facebook and what about video chat. How do I do that. I am just totally stumped and feel like I have been juked with this tablet. Can someone help me somehow. call me text me IM me email me something please. I need help!

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