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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia A100' started by weezyrider, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Rather nice little tablet. I'm disappointed that you can't move apps to SD card, but I am not an app freak. I tend to informational type apps like birding.
    The wifi connected as soon as I got the password typed in. Got into Market, no problem.

    Some questions and observations:

    Why doesn't Market show "My Apps?" This category turns up on the phone, the computer, and the Coby also had it. I can search for an app. Is this because there is no network involved? Market assumed the Coby was a TMO device. (wifi only)

    Had an awful time with an ereader. I used FB reader on the Coby with no problems. Reformatted the SD card and put all the books back, and NO ereader would find any of them. Either Epub or PDF. (no DRM on pdf.) After much coaxing, installing and uninstalling, finally got Aldiko to work. I don't think any ereader likes my filing system. (Aldiko would not work on Coby) Some (except for FB reader) didn't like public domain books. FB reader will connect to Feedbooks via internal link.

    Is there any unhide password app for a tablet besides the one from FF? I have a setting on the SGS4G that does allow unhidden passwords. I need this as I really make typos of the stupidest kind.

    I had to dig over here to find an app for wallpaper. I'm vain enough to want photos I took of Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef for wallpaper. What I found did work. Why can the phone use a background without that cross type cropping? You crop rectangular. Also the Acer does something with resolution.
    I have a mini jpg 3X3 that it stretched! It will zoom in on some photos after they are cropped. Isn't there a setting somewhere for cropping resolution?

    I'll have to run the tablet for a while to see if I might want to root. If any built in apps try to connect that would be probable cause. Facebook would be one example. Doubletwist caused me to root my phone. App would start up even though I hadn't registered or anything for it. At least the Acer, not being network has less bloat.

    Will a firewall prevent any built in apps that you don't need from running?


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