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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by robbothefirst, Sep 17, 2013.

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    acer a500
    hi im hopeing someone out there can help me ,ive got a acer a500 and recently took it on holiday ,everything was going well untill my daughter decided to put a pattern unlock on the tablet and not tell enyone .i took my daughter swimming and left my wife in the caravan with the tele a coffee and the acer for a catch up on facebook or so she thought :confused: well with my daughter putting the lock on and not telling enyone my wife tried the 5 attemps at the pattern and it locked the acer to the google log in page ,well heres where my problem lyes ,i have to be on line to log on and take the lock off but becouse we where on holiday we were conected daily to the holiday park wifi ,so im currently off line .is they eny way i can sort this out without reseting my tablet and loosing 2 years worth of downloads films apps photos etc etc im very greatfull for eny advice eny body can give me ,thank you
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    Acer A500
    If you did not "forget" your home network, and did not turn off the WiFi radio, but merely added the park WiFi to the list of networks, then your tablet should automatically reconnect to your home network when in range of that. If that does not work after a few tablet power off/on cycles, and after you try powering your home router off/on also, then Factory reset is the solution.

    If you can monitor the router WiFi connection list via another computer through the router administration web service, that may help. Look in the manual for your router for how to connect.

    Try this power cycle sequence:
    1.) put the tablet to sleep
    2.) boot the router (power off, wait a few seconds, power back on)
    3.) wake the tablet, and monitor the wifi status indicator

    You can also try powering the tablet down in step 1, if the sleep method does not work.

    If any of the tries results in WiFi connection, use the Google access restoral method.

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