Market 3.4.4 Coby Kyros MID7012-4g and the problem with device turning on randomly

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    Tablet / Device:
    Internally the telechips RTC(realtime clock) driver sets an auto alarm time at a completely random interval (1-15 mins)
    This is like a keep alive for it (device is not dead) to wake up the tab from 36MHZ deep sleep.
    This powers down USB, WIFI, Audio and pauses many apps you might have running, but it turns on the screen after the time has elapsed...
    If you don't care about the screen so much, you technically can skip System Tuner/Softlocker as the RTC driver is meant to restore
    power to the battery on sleep. The following method will fix the screen problem, but will trickle discharge the battery while screen is off due to the USB, Audio and background apps still taking power

    Solution: Download System Tuner / Softlocker

    - Go to Settings->Active Tweaks->Screen off governor
    - Set the governor to ondemand and the max freq to 36MHZ

    1) Softlocker acquires a wakelock to maintain the CPU to full state (144-720MHZ), but doesn't save any battery because what we are really after is deep sleep (36 MHZ) without the tarded screen on problem when the tablet is not in use and not playing any music in the background.

    2) System Tuner has the ability to set an ondemand governor and Minimum frequency when the screen turns off. (36MHZ - 720MHZ).
    When playing music, set this to 720MHZ minimum because equalizers will use 144MHz and bassboost and live virtualization uses 294MHZ.
    36MHZ is only when you are not doing anything with it. When you are sleeping too lol.
    This has kept my tablet on for at least 12 hours on idle with 50% of my battery still in tact as opposed to waking up to turn it on with only 20%

    Market installation procedure + FULL ACCESS:

    OPTIONAL : Change DPI to 160, 240 or 120 (e.g: "LCDResolution" app). More compatibility.
    Default DPI is 200.

    Set up a gmail account after installing a valid GoogleServicesFramework.apk (711kb approx) Downloads - Browsing gapps

    - Install a 1.82 version of android marketplace (vending.apk) as a simple test.
    You don't need root for this.

    After installation, run the marketplace and go back. This will be a filtered market at this point.

    - Access android settings->Applications->Manage Applications
    - Find the android market place and clear cache & force stop
    - Find GoogleServicesFramework and clear data & it will eventually stop itself

    Reboot the tablet once after this.

    Run market afterwards. If there is an error...good. Wait 1 minute for the device to be reregistered with google servers.
    Try again and search an app like Facebook or Skype and it should be in the list.
    If this is confirmed you may install a froyo 2.2.11 market or whatever your preference afterwards.
    You can copy the 2.2.11 market into /system/app and wait for android to install it and any applications
    that came with the tablet can be updated.

    FROYO MARKET 2.2.11


    There are 2 options to do this:
    - Push a 3.4.4 market into /system/app/ and wait for it to automatically update itself to the latest
    - Install right to Google Play provided here (3.5.15)
    Google Play can install without root, but you will not be able to download anything and it will crash lots.

    Find 3.4.4 unofficial marketplace

    Google Play (3.5.15)
    Download Google Play Store APK 3.5.15 [New Android Market]

    Accessing Call & Hidden settings

    Many of the settings for calling is missing because the SettingsProvider.apk and Settings.apk are custom to the MID.
    If you want the full settings, grab them from a 2.3.3 gingerbread emulator with adb pull /system/app/Settings.apk & /system/app/SettingsProvider.apk and adb push it to the device to enable all settings even for phone and mobile (which is useless without 3g, but it does have SIP capability). DO NOT push SystemUI.apk...
    Phone.apk is not really needed and yes it can waste battery as it is a background service.

    WARNING: Install Settings.apk at your own risk as this can mess with config settings.
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