Massive List of Android 4.4 KitKat Features Mostly Detailed

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    It looks like the new 4.4 KitKat version is the most significant upgrade for Android in a quite some time. It includes a massive array of new features. The above video is a DevBytes teaser for a small few of the new features. Here's a quick breakdown of many more:

    • Now supports lower-end devices and can run on just 512MB of RAM.
    • It will now have a new launcher.
    • Translucent system UI styling.
    • Enhanced notification access.
    • Includes faster multi-tasking.
    • More advanced caller ID.
    • new white/gray color scheme and fonts.
    • There is a new sensor batching technology. This is meant to cut down on sensor power consumption by grouping and prioritizing requests. Google claims it is now 25% more accurate, and can ask back for clarification.
    • It will now have wireless printing functionality.
    • Includes support for IR Blasters natively. It is limited to sending functions only for now. It can't learn or receive yet. This is probably just a feature that is in progress since it is mostly not very useful yet.
    • Native screen recording and can output in MP4 format.
    • Now supports Moto X-style "OK Google" voice commands. For now this only will work with the Nexus 5. Supposedly this feature is hardware dependent, although Google hasn't shared what is required.
    • Bluetooth devices will now be able to control the system volume directly instead of having to adjust two different volumes.
    • There is a new lock screen which includes a camera shortcut. You can also rearrange your homescreen.
    • Built-in Chromecast support.
    • Chrome web view.
    • Full-screen wallpapers with preview.
    • HDR+ photography.
    • Location in Quick Settings.
    • Low-power audio playback.
    • Music and movie-seeking from lock screen.
    • The NFC payment system doesn't require using the secure element anymore. It uses a software based emulation work around. Because of this, carriers can no longer use this as an excuse to not support Google's NFC payment functions.
    There's still quite a bit more we didn't include, because the list would have been monstrous, but you can check out more at the source links below. It's amazing that Google just soft-launched this absolutely incredible and massive update without any kind of press show.

    Source: Android Developers - Android 4.4 KitKat and
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