Several Android 4.4 KitKat Features & Pics Leak as Well as an Easter Egg

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    Here's a fun Android 4.4 KitKat leak for this morning! Not only have a host of pics hit the web for the new OS, but we also have a list of some of the new features, and we even already have an Easter Egg. First, here's a list of new stuff found within the OS:
    • NFC payments
    • Native printing built-in
    • Printing is now an option in the Gallery when editing pics
    • Save any image as a PDF or print directly to a wireless printer
    • Includes options such as paper size, color, black & white, orientation, etc.
    • The Gallery editor now includes extra options like Tilt-Shift, Center Focus, and Negative & Posterize effects
    • Can now find “Manage Wireless Plan” in the settings under Wireless & Networks
    • Animations a bit smoother
    • Icons in the notification area are now white
    The Easter Egg occurs when you tap on “About Android” in the Settings. It brings up a large "K" along with a lime wedge. This is obviously a funny homage to the Key Lime Pie previous internal name of this version.

    We only included the Easter Egg pic above, but have a random assortment of more here: Leaked Pics of Android 4.4 KitKat
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    You cheeky bugger! Linking one forum to another and then to the article source!

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