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Discussion in 'Vendor Services Discussion' started by BamaPanda, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I purchased a Ramos W42 from MM on March 6th. I received no notification on shipment or availability. After chats with them I was promised it would be shipped on the 11th. It was not, so on the 12th I cancelled the order, asking for a refund. I was told I should see it within 48 hours.

    I finally got the refund today after another chat session. MM apparently issued the request to Paypal as a deposit, and not a refund. This made Paypal issue a fee of just under 10.00.

    Paypal did reverse the fee. Still MM was not very prompt at all in taking care of this, and I feel that if I had not stayed on them ..they would still have my funds tied up.

    Need to work on your service ...Merimobiles. :(
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    I'm new here and I'm looking for info on Merimobiles. Not vouching for them or anything but the fact that they actually responded to your email and you got your refund is a big plus point in my books when in comes to China vendors. :)

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