mid7127 Forgot password unlock FIX only fastboot no usb debug or adb needed......

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2' started by vexxraptor, Jan 13, 2013.

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    i know how to fix this...... ill if u email me at david.cloud@pcc.edu ill give tell anyone how to fix it who in return must be willing to give me a copy of there CWM recovery files.... i accidently deleted my boot files and am stuck in recovery... but i can fix ur issue if someone would be willing to help me....

    i had this same problem before i bootlooped trying to install google play store... afterwords i mistakenly entered a bad command and wiped some stuff... my recovery files were wiped from my sd card....

    unfortunately i dont think its a good idea to give free reign over anyones stolen tablet.. but honestly i care more about my tablet then the fact that urs might be stolen so hit me up and ill help u unlock ur tablet... but i need those files in return which is a small insignificant thing to u.. but means alot to mee.....


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