NAND Flash and SD card mix up

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    Hi all, first time post.

    So i just recieved my first tablet purchased from (had i read the reviews of the website first i wouldnt have made the mistake). Anyway a tablet different from the one i ordered arrived, and after reading all the negative comments about people not getting their refunds or exchanges from this website I thought id just hold onto it and cut my losses right there.

    From what i have observed the device works fine with one exception in that i cannot get it to read from a SD card.
    With no SD card inserted I opened up "ES file explorer" to have a browse and noticed that that all my local files are saved to local/sdcard/ and that the available space that it is showing me is actually the available NAND flash storage available. When i insert a 16GB SD card nothing changes, it still says the local files are saved to local/sdcard/. And i cannot access the SD card i have just inserted. It appears to have the SD card title and the NAND Flash mixed up.

    Under /Settings/SD card & storage device/ The SD card appears when inserted and shows 16GB available space so it is being recognized there.

    The tablet is a gift for the missus and it will be pretty redundant if she cant use a SD card with it, as it only has 2.24GB free NAND Flash. The model number is sec_smdkv210 and it says its running Android 2.2

    I would really appreciate any help on this. Is there anything i can do or change to make it realise its mistake?

    Thanks all

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