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    hi. I have just bought a Zenithink ZT ICS. In the storage part of the settings menu, it says I have a total of 881mb, 616mb available. this is fine as I have some apps installed. Underneath that, it mentions internal nand storage, of which I have 5.52gb remaining of a total 5.73gb.

    What is the difference between the two? Also, Why when I try to take a screenshot, Why am I getting the message 'couldn't save screenshot,storage may be in use'?

    Lastly, as an example, I have downloaded the Theme Park app. When I try to open it it tells me 1230mb is required and to clear space on the sd card. I don't have an sd card in. My friend also has the app on his tablet and it works (he also doesn't have an sd card).

    Surely these things should be able to be stored internally, with me only needng an sd card when I needed the exra memory?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    The first one is your tab (Memory ram) Storage.
    The second one is your (Nand flash) Storage like a main Hard Drive in a PC.
    The third one is a (SDcard) This is a mircoSD card like a backup hard disk.

    If you want to download apps you might have to change where you want to download too SD or Nand

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